Good vs. Evil 2.0


Two men want something from God. For one, it's nothing. For the other, it's everything.

An elite team of high-tech Islamic jihadists, led by Ali Sadlem, have hacked into Aurora Bank as part of Operation Redemption—a cyber war battle plan to destroy America and trigger the first domino in their religion's long-awaited apocalypse.

Nelson Diederich is a young software engineer who works at Aurora Bank. The last thing he wants to deal with is a data-breach by Islamic terrorists—especially ones that believe their God is telling them to do it. The truth is, he wants nothing to do with anybody's God, his own included. After all, it had only been a year since the one he believed in turned out to be nothing more than a fairy tale. How else could he explain the sudden death of his twin brother, who was born with Down Syndrome and had never hurt a single living soul?

Contrasted by the different trajectories of their faith and linked together by a 150-year-old prophetic message revealed to their paternal ancestors, the two men face off in a dramatic, fast-paced encounter that forces each man to resolve their beliefs... once and for all. Will they trust the God they’ve always believed in or will they choose to rely on their own skill and intellect?

In forty-eight hours, their decision will either save their world… or destroy it.

"The stories move quickly, converge, then it's on! I had to make myself put it down to go to sleep; my inner brat wanted to stay up and keep reading!"

Lee Ann M.

"Great plot. Interesting, believable characters. Exciting to read. Finished in one day."

Tom B.

"Fast paced with multiple plot twists. Loved the way it all came together and ended."

Cheryl D.

"While I understand this is the first novel from this author, I thought his work was excellent! I loved the variation in the character's personalities. I loved the comparisons of Islam and Christianity and finally, I thought the author did a great job of wrapping it up in the end."

Stan T.