Don’t blame a group of people for a single person’s actions.

On this Tiny Words. Big Life. post, all I can say is “Wow.”

Today’s world is filled to the brim with this mentality. Regardless of “which side you’re on”, it’s a deflating and disgusting thing to see – not to mention a completely inaccurate way to view our brothers and sisters.

But before this blogmeister tells you about how other people do this and why it’s not a good idea, I must confess that I myself am guilty.

But before we delve into why we shouldn’t do it, why is it bad?

First of all, how do you like being painted similar to others just because of something you do or how you look? For me, I don’t like that. For one, I’m not like those other people. I have my own thoughts and opinions. I’ve never done some of the things they’ve done. Of course, that goes both ways. More than likely, they don’t share the same thoughts and beliefs that I do – simply because of who they are and what they look like.

To put it bluntly, it just plain wrong to do it and it shows an extreme streak of laziness on our part when we do it.

Today’s Tiny Words. Big Life. Bible verse says that doing it is “perverting justice”. In other words, it’s a sin.

Jesus taught us that no one is perfect and that we all fall short of the Glory of God.

And isn’t that enough reason to ask God to deliver you (us) from such an insidious habit? Pray to God for your eyes to be opened to see each of God’s children as individuals. Living a life of prejudice about others, regardless of what you’re judging against, goes against everything God wants us to do and against everything Jesus sacrificed for.

The Tiny Words. Big Life. takeaway is to break-free from the loud and vicious calls from those in our world that say otherwise. They are fools and live a life that God does not approve of.

Do you really want to be lumped in with them?

Leviticus 19:15

Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.