Keeping a “To Do List” that doesn’t spawn a “Done List” is actually a “Wish List”.

Proverbs 13:4

I envy those people that make a To Do List every morning and go about their day methodically and consistently checking the items off as they knock ‘em out.

Out of the many things that I’d like to improve about myself, consistently keeping a To Do List is one of them.

Truth be known, it’s sits near the top of the To Do List.

Actually, a better way to describe it is that it lurks near the top… just sitting there, staring at me, wondering when I’m going to get around to keeping it.

I know this… there’s a lot of stress when one of the main items on your To Do List is to keep a To Do List

So, why do we feel the need to keep track of the things we need to do? Why are we motivated to document our tasks and then tick them off of a list when they’re completed?

Is it because we feel inadequate or guilty that we’re not accomplishing things?

Or is it due to some deeply rooted psychological need? An itch that simply never gets scratched?

I’m not sure but I know it feels good when you check things off the list.

Today’s Tiny Words. Big Life. Bible verse tells us something about getting things done. It says that if we are diligent, our desires will be satisfied.

Of course, to be diligent doesn’t require keeping a To Do List but it does require an attitude of doing things consistently in a caring and conscientious way.

The Tiny Words. Big Life. takeaway is this: Whether your To Do List is on paper or in your head, move beyond the things that we normally put down: Wash the car. Pay bills. Cut the grass. Go to Grocery Store. Call Steve (don’t worry, Steve… I won’t be calling.) 🙂

Instead (or in addition), add things that Jesus put on His… Show love. Help a friend. Share blessings. Give grace. Tell someone about God. Pray.

In the end, when you make that final journey to meet your maker, you won’t be taking a To Do List, but you will be carrying a Done List.

Proverbs 13:4

A sluggard’s appetite is never filled, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.