You’ll never remain happy over something you bought and you’ll never remain sad over something you sold.

We spend a lifetime gathering stuff. Every day, the quest of getting more things continues. I don’t mean to suggest that wanting and having things is necessarily bad. We are certainly blessed to live in a country where this is possible. But with the blessing comes a curse. Or, at least the potential of a curse.

When we live for material things, we are slave to them. While this may not be the main emphasis of this post, it certainly bears mentioning because it is at the crux of the issue.

Given that material things can control us, by their very nature, there is always something we want NEXT. The never ending quest is certainly a trap that has caught many a well-meaning Christian.

The best advice is to “Give it up. Let it go.” It is not permanent. Nothing lasts and nothing satisfies except a relationship with God. Go ahead and ask God to release you from the treasures of this world. You’ll be amazed at the freedom and fulfillment tht only His love can bring.

Proverbs 27 : 20

Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.