Tiny Words. Big Life.

A Daily Blog to Fill the Cup of Your Spirit... One Word at a Time.

What's the "Tiny Words. Big Life." Blog all about?

First of all, it's built around the book by the same name. You can read more about the book on my Non-Fiction page.

Each day, I take the book's daily inspirational quote and write a short commentary about it's meaning.

Since all Tiny Words. Big Life. quotes deal with weighty issues that each of us face on daily basis such as faith, respect, wisdom, forgiveness, obedience, and love, you can be assured that they'll apply to you or someone you know.

In addition to the quote, each day is accompanied by a Bible verse(s) that provides a spiritual compass to emphasize the main point of the quote from the perspective of God's written word.

I invite you to check out the Blog. I'd be thrilled if you'd subscribe and receive updates from me that include the posts themselves as well as other things that I trust you'll enjoy and benefit from.

I hope you're blessed by reading it. I also pray for both you and I that we earnestly seek the perfect will of God to glorify His name throughout the earth. Amen.


There are all kinds of people but there’s only one kind of person and he was made by God.

By Turner Payne | May 7, 2021 |

Genesis 2:7 Tall. Short. Fat. Thin. Black. White. Red. Yellow. Generally speaking, when we describe someone to another person, we’ll use one or more of those words. Why? Because they describe what someone looks like on the outside. God uses only a single word… Perfect. After all, we were made in His image and He…

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You’ll never remain happy over something you bought and you’ll never remain sad over something you sold.

By Turner Payne January 7, 2021

We spend a lifetime gathering stuff. Every day, the quest of getting more things continues. I don’t mean to suggest that wanting and having things is necessarily bad. We are certainly blessed to live in a country where this is possible. But with the blessing comes a curse. Or, at least the potential of a…

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Relationships are built like a sculptor carves a statue… if you keep chiseling in search of perfection, a leg will fall off.

By Turner Payne January 4, 2021

If you picture this in your mind, it’s sort of humorous. Wouldn’t it be funny to actually watch a sculptor repeatedly tap and tap, seeking perfection, and then a leg falls off? Well, perhaps it wouldn’t be that funny, given the time and effort the sculptor has invested to make something he/she can be proud…

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“Striking while the iron is hot” can only be achieved if you built a fire when the iron was cold.

By Turner Payne January 2, 2021

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was easy? I think I could get used to that but I don’t think I would end up enjoying it very much. We all know the drill… Nothing that’s worth anything comes easy. Well, most of the time. And if it does, it turns out to be less amazing…

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If you’re able to fool yourself, rest assured that you’re not alone.

By Turner Payne May 6, 2021

Psalm 36:1-4 We all know that a con artist is not interested in painting pictures… Thomas Sowell once said, “Con men have long known… that their job is not to convince skeptics but to enable the gullible to continue to believe what they want to believe.” As it turns out, that second group (the “gullibles”)…

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The Evil One plays for “all the marbles” while we play the game of marbles.

By Turner Payne May 5, 2021

Ephesians 6:10-12 It all boils down to this… We’re playing “friendlies” and the Evil One is playing “keepsies”. In the game of marbles, the difference in those two approaches (rules) determines whether or not you’re gonna be able to take your marbles home if you lose. Today’s Tiny Words. Big Life. Bible verse is one…

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What your spirit leaves behind is more important than what your body came with.

By Turner Payne May 4, 2021

Genesis 21:12 If I say “B.Y.O.B.”, what do you think of? Yeah, me too… which brings up a point. Generally speaking, people are like that common phrase that’s sent out on party invitations… They’re more interested in what you’re bringing to the table than what you’re leaving at the table. As a Christian, our life…

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